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Solid (1 Piece) Steel MT1 & MT2 Mounts

Solid Steel MT1 & MT2 Mounts

mt1mt2.jpg Tough applications require tough cylinders. Aluminum cylinders have been gaining ground for years as replacements for steel cylinders in lumber mills, steel mills, and foundry applications. Sometimes the customer is able to use a cylinder with a steel tube (TRD option: Steel Tube) and the aluminum heads and caps are a non-issue. Other times they need an all-steel cylinder (TRD option: TAS series).

TRD has offered solid steel (1 piece) MT1 and MT2 mounts as a special for years. The NFPA industry standard MT1/MT2 construction for aluminum cylinders is a “bolt-on” style trunnion. The trunnions are machined from piston rod stock (carbon steel with hard chrome O.D.) and are bolted on using permanent loctite. The bolt-on style provides the flexibility for customers to remove the trunnions and re-assemble them in fixed mounts on the machine. The customer can choose to remount the trunnions with a removable or non-removable loctite (TRD option: No loctite on trunnions).

The solid steel MT1/MT2 mounts are standard on all “steel” NFPA cylinders. By incorporating this heavy-duty mount with aluminum cylinders, a cylinder can typically withstand the rigors of tough applications while reducing cylinder weight and cost to the customer.

Solid steel MT1/MT2 mounts in are available in 1 1/2” to 8” bore, standard and oversized rods. Delivery: 2-3 days for all standard rod sizes and 1 1/2”- 4” OS rod sizes; 3-5 days for 5”-8” OS rod sizes.

How to order:
Steel MT1 = MT1S
Steel MT2 = MT2S


Note: Quantities are limited. Contact factory for large quantity orders.

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